Cheats Fire Emblem Heroes

Welcome to our Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List, see the ranking system we had to determine Finest Hero Characters in the Mobile FE Game. And also her Killer Lance sets Luna onto a really low 2 fee cost, making very large uptime. His weapon Pain permits him to treat 10 damage after attacking regardless of Def or Res. Makes her deceptively more durable, especially whenever the regeneration is timed just perfect.
Suffers from low speed and inadequate HP/Def, making her quite fragile and unable to doubleattack all components. Her attack gives a enemy -7 Def/Res, and also fixes neighboring allies for seven HP. Has reduced HP and defense as well as mediocre rate, which makes it difficult for her to battle more powerful opponents.
Suffers from low Speed, which makes it improbable that Alfonse will probably ever have the ability to doubleattack. Can reestablish enemies she attacks with Drag Back , giving better placement for followup attacks. Exceptional support unit with powerful buffs and debuffs. Ideal for burning targets and having allies followup.
Decently discriminated against bodily damage, but has horrible rate so he proceeds to receive doubled. That along with his 2-range assault gives him incredible reach. Makes good use of significant Blade to quickly charge up his unique as a result of his elevated attack. Synergizes well with additional armored units because of her Hone Armor passive.
Wields Blue Egg+ , which heals her for 4 HP after assaulting. Guaranteed doubleattack when attacking, and gets +6 speed also from Darting Blow to make up for your Brave weapon rate fall. Quick lance flier with mediocre defense and quite inadequate base attack. Fury gives him an advantage in stats and will help get him low enough to trigger his Brash Assault.

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